Top 8 Football teams and their IPL equivalents

We take a look at the football teams that are similar to the 8 IPL teams taking part in the tenth edition of the T20 tournament in India.

To compare and contrast is basic human nature. When it comes to football, comparisons are made between teams, players and the emergence of a new player sees him tagged as the next Messi, the next Ronaldo and so on.

Comparison definitely helps one draw parallels and find areas of improvement. On the flip side, it can lead to unnecessary pressure and bending of facts. Nonetheless, comparisons are a very important tool in providing a basic understanding and everyone has a special interest in making comparisons across different fields.

Just like how Sachin Tendulkar in cricket is considered the equivalent of Roger Federer in tennis or Lionel Messi in football, parallels can be drawn between teams as well.

Currently, India is being dominated by a mega cricketing wave, called the Indian Premier League (IPL).


The IPL format involves cricket teams functioning like football clubs, right from the names and dugouts to the drama owing to the shorter length of a T20 game.The IPL, in its tenth edition, has six teams who have taken part since the tournament’s inception and two teams who are entering their 2nd season.

 So, enough time has passed for most of the teams to establish their identities. These teams can be compared to football clubs across the world depending on the similarities they possess.

Without further ado, here are eight football teams and their IPL equivalents.


This is a comparison between two extremely robust teams known for a very specific skill set. Atletico Madrid are the third best team in Spain behind Real Madrid and Barcelona and are famous for breaking the Madrid-Barca duopoly despite functioning with smaller financial reserves. 

They even won the league with a well-oiled team and reached the finals of the Champions League twice.Sunrisers Hyderabad are run by sound owners and have a specific team composition with a proper strategy and they beat the heavyweights in the league last season to win the IPL.

 The team is built around a strong bowling unit that can defend any total and are very tough to beat at home.Atletico Madrid are similar in terms of having one of the best defences in Europe and are also very difficult to beat at home.

Another similarity is that just like Atletico are led by a superstar forward in Antoine Griezmann who is the main man for scoring goals, Sunrisers Hyderabad are led by swashbuckling Australian opener, David Warner, who scores the bulk of the runs for the team and leads from the front.

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