Top 5 World Cup playing Footballing Nation India passed over

India is just a inch away to be placed in top 100 footballing nation in the world. However they have leapfrogged some of the footballing nations who have been regular in World Cups. India share there 101 th position with Nicaragua, Lithuania and Estonia.

Blue Tigers achievement shows that they are moving in a right direction as Sunil Chhetri [Indian Football Captain] stated in recent interview. They have won 11 of their last 13 games. Consistent progress on the pitch coupled with growth off the pitch can help Indian football scale new heights in the future, the pinnacle of which should be to qualify for a FIFA World Cup finals.

Ranking as low as 101st is fairly irrelevant as far as making it to the World Cup is concerned since teams participating in football’s biggest competition are among the cream of the top 100. Qualifying for the finals of a World Cup is a distant dream for India, but quite a few teams who sit below the Blue Tigers in the latest rankings have previously experienced the high of playing in a World Cup.

Here are the top five teams to have played in the finals of a World Cup who are ranked behind India in FIFAs latest rankings.


Cuba are ranked 163rd, a fair distance beneath India in the latest FIFA rankings. Like North Korea, Cuba also made it to the quarter-finals of a World Cup, although back then, it took only one win to progress into the last eight.The 1938 World Cup in France was Cuba’s only appearance in the World Cup finals. In a competition featuring only 15 teams, the Lions of the Caribbean beat Romania via a replay in the first round before being soundly swatted aside 8–0 by Sweden in the quarter-final.Since that solitary appearance almost 80 years ago, the Cubans have had very little success on the world stage as well as the continental stage. 

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