Today's Match Report:ISL Final Kerala VS Kolkata

Kolkata lifts the cup again 

            These are  the teams who fought in ISL final in year 2014, and Athletico De Kolkata lifted the cup, and this season 2016 they clashed again and the result was same as the meet previously,but was a totally different scenario where Kolkata played in Kerala's Home where in presence  of  more than 50,000 people supporting kerala.
             Kerala along with the support of their fans fought a very good match ,and they deserved to be in final,where they started with opening the account of goals ,Rafi scored a stunner in 37th minute,which was a great support for them in first half.

             Within the time they think they where in good position just before the half time Henrique's scored a thundrous header which was from the corner.In the second half there were no goals scored it was a very tight second half where many chances were missed by both the team.And some brilliant defending from Hengbart.

              Then the match lead to extension time of 30 minutes ,and still no goals were scored here as well.Which leads to Penalty shootout where the rivals took the first it was the marquee player who took the shoot Hume who missed ,Great save by Goalkie. Then German scores for the Kerala, then Doutie comes in for Kolkata's save ,then Belfort scores it easily.

              Only Hume missed the penality the other have done their part.The great distress was the miss from Kerala's captain Hengbart . who missed the important goal of the season Eventhough this goal was a lucky save by Kolkata .Then finally Raj came to finish the business for Kolkata. He stepped up for his team and finished the job.


  1. Club Award                                              :        Athletico De Kolkata
  2. Amul fittest player of match                    :        Belfort
  3. DHL winning pass of the match              :        Duckens Nazon.
  4. Maruti Suzuki swift Moment of match    :        Debjit Majumder
  5. ISl Emerging Player of the match            :        Lalrindika Ralte
  6. Hero of the match                                     :        Henrique Sereno Fonseca.

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